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Endeavour is blessed with domain knowledge, experience and expertise of the Government sector that is unmatched and unique. It has the capability of fully rolling out the projects in a timeline normally taken by major companies in the SRS phase itself.

Founded in 2006, Endeavour Systems Private Limited is an Indian based IT Services Company employing 100+ professionals. We help our enterprise and government clients in providing innovative business solutions and maximize ROI on IT Solutions. We work to understand the business and devise customized solutions maximize application availability, agility and predictability. The result? Lower costs, less risk, greater ROI, a faster response to market opportunities — and the support the business need to achieve the long-term objectives.

The core team and promoters of Endeavour Systems comprises of the people who have implemented the largest and most successful e- Governance initiative of the Government of Delhi for the Department of Education. The application has the unique distinction of winning Four E Governance awards, two of them being the Golden Icon in as many consecutive years, Indian Express award, Computer Society of India Award as well as Prime Ministers Award for Excellence besides so many others. It should arguably be the most successful development on Microsoft platform across the country that is running as a lifeline of the Department. The company is also working with other Departments of the Delhi Government like Health, Power etc.

Endeavour Systems has carved out a niche in the area of e-Governance and has developed various Portal and Software solutions for the government. We have been recently engaged for providing and improving upon the existing software solutions for the Delhi JAL Board, Govt. of NCT, and Delhi.

We have domain expertise in the following areas:
  • E-Governance (G2G, G2B and G2C)
  • Education
  • Health
We have expertise in the following service areas:
  • Application Development
  • Educational Content Development
  • Game Development for PC, Web Browser and Mobile.
  • CMS based Web Portal Development

Major Running Project

 DVAT Project For Trade and Tax Department, Delhi Through ICSIL

An integrated web based solution has been implemented in the department. The implemented integrated web based solution fully embeds the workflow of the department, originating from its mandate duly defined by the ‘Act’ , and Service Level agreement and succinctly put in its citizen Charter. The application aims at being almost the only interface between the dealers and the department. It is envisaged to achieve the dual and seemingly contradicting objectives of greatly enhancing the convenience of the dealers on one hand and working as a powerful aid in realizing the full potential of tax collection on the other. The goal has to be achieved through proper business intelligence and non-invasive methods. The solution shall also be amenable for suitable customization as and when the much waited GST it is implemented.

The proposed solution uses Microsoft Platform using Microsoft Dynamics XRM Framework, Microsoft BizTalk Server, Share Point and .Net technology to provide for a comprehensive solution for DVAT that allows rapid, scalable, user friendly and secure development and deployment of applications.

It has following modules and integrated services with other Department:

  • Online PAN Verification.
  • Integration services with e-SLA, TINXSYS, eTaal and eBiz is in process.
  • Collaboration Suite: Email & SMS Services
  • Dealer Information System
  • Return Processing System
  • Dealer Audit & Assessment System
  • Enforcement & Raid System
  • Tax Payer Accounting System
  • Form Issue System
  • Helpdesk
  • Personal Information System
  • Attendance Monitoring System
  • Finance module
  • Resource and inventory System
  • Court
  • Advisory Visit module
  • Refund Processing System
  • Objection and Appeal System
  • Penalty and Offence System
  • Arrear Recovery System
  • Goods Movement System
  • Library Information system
  • File Movement System
  • Amnesty
  • Central Reconciliation
  • Evaluation Report
Health ERP Project for Health & Family Welfare Department, Delhi through ICSIL

An integrated web based solution has been implemented in the department since 2011.

It is ERP which covers HRMS, Payroll, Finance, Inventory, ASHA, OPD module.

DJB ERP project for Delhi Jal Board, Delhi through ICSIL

An integrated web based ERP solution is under development. It has following modules.

  • CMS based Web Portal
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Human Resource Management System and Payroll
  • Court Case and Vigilance
  • Collaboration Suite: ESPL Mail, Chat, Conferencing, etc.
  • Finance Management System (FMS)
  • Project Management System (PMS)
  • Inventory Management System (IMS)
  • Assets Management System (AMS)
  • LIMS
FMS & Helpdesk for Trade and Tax Department, Delhi Through ICSIL

This team is used for g from ERP system and giving technical support to Helpdesk team with the help of ERP team.

Resource provided for internal software development within department for Trade and Tax Department, Delhi

This team is used for reporting from ERP system and giving technical support to Helpdesk team with the help of ERP team.

Major Completed Project

  • EDU ERP Project for Education Department Punjab through Microsoft
  • MIS for Delhi Transco Limited, Delhi Government through ICSIL
  • EDU Content, TOON Masti, for Ernst & Young Foundation
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